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Daily POP Crosswords – the BEST crossword puzzle app!

FREE Pop-Culture Themed Daily Crossword Puzzles! All-New fun theme EVERY DAY of the week! Always free to download, always free to play! Ready for ...

Crossword Rush Android APP

Cleverly constructed, THEMED crosswords. Crossword Rush is in the Android play store: ...

Android Crossword App Review

You can download UP Android Market Our website:

The Crossword App iPad App Demo

Crossword-friends behold: With the new free crosswords app, it will be hard to be bored! Our crosswords to go, wherever you go. Play every day new, ...

Shortyz Crosswords demonstration

Shortyz is a crossword puzzle application that downloads a number of free puzzles, and... Shortyz Crosswords2 is developed by Robert 'kebernet' Cooper.

App of the Day: NYTimes Crossword

This app brings the New York Times daily crossword puzzle to your iOS device. Watch as Will and Norm tackle the Monday edition, and try to make a dent in the ...

Crossword Solver Android App

Showing the functionality of the Crossword Solver Android app. The app is available on Google Play at ...

App Review: Imangi

Review of 2 puzzle/crossword apps from Imangi.

Getting paid to sleep. Passive smart phone apps to run with no worries

These are the apps I run when I retire to bed or if I'm going to be away for a few hours. Cash magnet. Yoo lotto. Perk TV live. Perk word search. App like. Fit play.

Crossword Dungeon [iPhone Games]

Today I'm taking a look at Crossword Dungeon, a word puzzle/dungeon crawler hybrid for iOS. The game is $1.99 on the App Store and a pretty fun game IF ...

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